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Project Description

Barcelona brand

The Moritz Brewery is a space that is part of the city of Barcelona.

We love the building , for its history with more than 150 years and for its location in one of the areas of greatest current boom, Poble Sec. And for its versatility to celebrate all kinds of events that can be preceded by a personalized visit to all the enclosure.

Press conferences, product presentations, conferences, cocktails, dinners.

The venue

It is a unique building rehabilitated by Jean Nouvel to achieve a perfect harmony between history and modernity and this is reflected in each of its spaces, modern and with personality.

Room T is a spectacular room of 150m2 diaphanous, surrounded by tanks of water and in the same plant of the Brewery. It is completely soundproof and can be fully privatized without losing natural light.

Room 39, located in the basement, is a unique space full of history where in the nineteenth century were the old fermentation cellars. It is equipped with the most modern technology and we highlight its customization through lighting and the height adjustable central platform.

Location: Poble sec, Barcelona.


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