Space Cúpula

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Project Description

Unique of its kind

An innovative and unique venue for the most special events and large-scale events in the city of Barcelona.

Trade shows, conventions, fashion shows, product presentations, cultural, artistic and sports events, exhibitions, conferences, etc

The Venue

La Cúpula is a multipurpose space 27 m high and 2,600 m 2. The largest wooden dome in Europe, its unique circular shape together with its attached services and the magnificent location, make it an exceptional venue.

In addition to the central space, it has adjoining areas such as the terrace, a wide reception with spectacular views of Plaza de España, elevated area for AAVV control, toilet area, office, two backstage and multipurpose area.

VIP direct access by panoramic elevator and access for services from loading dock through 3 high capacity lifts.

Location: Plaza España, Barcelona.


  • Cocktail – up to 1800 people
  • Banquet – up to 1200 people
  • Theatre – up to 1528 people


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