Unique experiences, with value and lasting

Unique experiences, with value and lasting 2018-04-17T08:40:18+00:00

The experiences with soul that we propose to you arise, from the restless, enthusiastic and perfectionist spirit that forms our team.

They are experiences created to surprise and provoke emotions and lasting experiences in the memory of each participant. Exclusive and for small groups whether they are company or individuals.

Accommodation experience

We turn meetings into unique and unforgettable experiences.

It is possible to combine working days with leisure and relaxation activities and it is also possible to do it outside of our usual environment and move to a natural environment.

We offer unique accommodations distributed throughout Spain and with a common determiner, the guarantee of exclusivity, privacy and excellence in service.

Our HOTELS with soul, with the possibility of privatizing them completely.

Our VILLAS, private houses with unique characteristics and located in natural environments of great beauty. Accessible from the city and with attractive leisure activities. All have their own service team.

To hold a management meeting of or any other event in one of our states or hotels is to provide added value, is to create experience.

Experiences with soul

To surprise and excite.

We achieve this by devoting great attention to detail and looking for the innovation factor.

We let the imagination fly and we create experiences to be able to perform in a group with a simple playful purpose or combining the leisure and the objective of the company.

We invite you to discover cities from the heights, or to sail the seas in authentic racing sailboats, or to attend a film premiere and feel like a Hollywood star.

The exclusivity of these experiences makes it only possible to do them for small groups.

We can explain them to you but you have to feel and remember them.

We create it, you live it.

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